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Gnazzo Quotes and Motivations

“There is no such thing as a typical day in the world of ethics because
you just never know what phone calls you're going to get. Part of the
reason you have human beings in this job is there is no such thing
as the one right rule.”

"Don't lie, don't cheat, don't steal!"

"The (ETHICS AND COMPLIANCE) program isn't going to work if
I don't have the full direction and control from my management and
board of directors. The program would look great on paper, but it
wouldn't mean anything. It's the fact that the CEO and division
presidents stand up and say [to the entire company], 'You will comply,
and you will be ethical.' That makes the difference"

"Gnazzo notes that certifications are usually made by line officers
with profit-and-loss responsibilities; the compliance role is a staff job,
where the CCO recommends to the board and CEO what steps they
should take. A truly effective compliance program doesn't hinge on
the CCO, but rather on management and the board, he says. As such,
they should be the ones held accountable for compliance."