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Patrick Gnazzo has been the subject of, and has published articles in some
of the most prestigious business publications for his outstanding work within
the compliance industry.

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The European Business Review
Compliance and the General Counsel: Is There a Conflict

2011  February 7th
Bentley University Newsroom
The Chief Ethics & Compliance Officer: A Test of Endurance

2010  October 4th
Ethics and the Law
Human Resource Management

2009  September 24th
ECOA Conference

ECOA's Third Annual Great Debate Focused on Global Financial Crisis
The Ethics and Compliance Officers Association ("ECOA") held its annual
Business Ethics and Compliance Conference on September 22-25, 2009, at the
Hyatt Regency O'Hare near Chicago, Illinois. The conference's "Third Annual
Great Debate" focused on the timely issue of whether the recent global
financial crisis was caused by bad business and regulatory decisions or a
breakdown in integrity. Since 2007, over $20 trillion of market equity has
evaporated, some of the largest U.S. corporations have declared bankruptcy,
banks across the country have failed, and thousands of families have lost
their homes and life savings. Gary Brown, chair of the Business Department
of Baker, Donelson, Bearman, Caldwell & Berkowitz, and Patrick Gnazzo,
Senior Vice President and General Manager, U.S. Public Sector Business, CA
Inc., were the featured speakers. Attendees were able to weigh in on key
questions using hand-held voting devises, and the topic was opened up to
public discussion after the debate. (CCH Federal Ethics Report, October
2009, Vol. 16, Iss. 10)

2008  July 26th
Executive Biz
Pat Gnazzo, Senior Vice President and
General Manager of CA's Public Sector Business

Book Entitled: Building A World Class Compliance Program:
Best Practices & Strategies for Success

(Patrick Gnazzo Chapter 5 - CA's Compliance Rebirth:
 Don't Lie, Don't Cheat, Don't Steal)

2007  February 6th
Working For Integrity
Marshaling Integrity

2007  April 19th
New York Law Journal
Compliance Officers Take Their Own Path

2007  November 29th
100 Most Influential People in Business Ethics

Patrick J. Gnazzo
(SVP, U.S. Public Sector Businesses, Computer Associates

Want your company to toe the line and stay ethical in its dealings? Better get
Gnazzo. Previously SVP for the highly regarded business practices, risk and
compliance programs at United Technologies Corp (UTC), Gnazzo bravely
jumped ship in 2005 to create a compliance and ethics culture at scandal-ridden
CA. From all reports he appears to have done a great job and has been rewarded
with a promotion to the critical SVP position overseeing all of CA’s U.S. public
sector businesses.

The winners are broken down into nine core categories:

Patrick Gnazzo was honored to be ranked 64th on the
list in the Corporate Culture category.

2006  February 13th
Business Week
The New Ethics Enforcers

LA Rod Review

Worked with Pat Gnazzo in Mexico where unethical business practices are also
common. In an "everything goes" business culture, we had to start by defining
what was acceptable and what was not. What is wrong with a supplier giving a
kickback to the purchasing manager? With an "everybody does it" mentality, we
had to reinvent the ethical wheel. Kickbacks are very prevalent. In the U.S. we do
not talk about them, in Mexico they are expected and in Argentina they are
demanded. Gnazzo gave us the direction and we cleaned house!
Congratulation to Pat Gnazzo.

2003  January
Ethics Matters
Be Glad for the Sarbanes-Oxley Opportunity

2003  July/August
Across the Board 
Are You Serious About Ethics

2002 Spring
John Carroll University
My Turn: Business Culture & Business Ethics

2000  September 4th 
Industry Week   
A Matter of Ethics

1999  June 15th        
CIO Enterprise Magazine
Workplace Ethics: For Goodness Sake